Monday, September 1, 2008

First Things Second...

Allow me to introduce myself... I am a twenty-six year old mother of one beautiful daughter, my husband is my best friend and until recently I was a student of writing. I was a bit of a party-girl. I was a server. Now, I am focusing on all things natural family living. We cloth diaper (it's easier than you might think). I am ecologically nursing. I am really into babywearing. We try to eat organic, locally produced foods. And sometimes we fail miserably. I am getting back into crafting... sewing, knitting, for now and other endeavors as the days go on.

So, as I discover and investigate new information regarding trying to raise a child in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable, nurturing way I will share it here. Hopefully, you will find it helpful or interesting or at least not nauseating.

Here we are, the mei-tai style carrier is made by BabyHawk.

They allow you to customize your own. You can choose your fabric, color, add a toy ring, and a pocket if you so desire. I will say it's a bit pricey, but it's been worth it, even considering our meager budget. It's comparable to an Ergo, but perhaps a bit more stylish.
She loves it. Seriously. When she sees me pull it out she starts wiggling and smiling. And I can't tell you how much more I can get done.

Let's see a bit of information about me: check. A little about my family and what we like: check. Some information concerning a product that helps me as a mother: yep. An adorable picture of my little one: A-OK.

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