Friday, August 29, 2008

The Dilemna

Thoughts as of late all seem to center around my return to school or work or whether to stay home with my dear, sweet daughter. I was blessed with a mother who stayed at home despite an aptitude for all things academic and humanitarian. As so many things go, we don't realize our gifts until many years later.

I have swung this week back toward wanting to stay home. Yes, being a SAHM is under-appreciated. Yes, I did intend to receive a terminal degree in my field... But dear sweet daughter caught a cold this week and I can't imagine leaving her to be cared for by anyone else. Her first cold, and although flushing her nose and using the bulb aspirator nearly tears my heart in two... I would rather do that than any other thing in the world if only it helps her feel even marginally better.

So, here it is... my attempt to express some of what many feel - whether to stay at home or return to work. And that's if we're blessed enough to be able to have that luxury. In some ways, it's a lose-lose situation. Yet, I would be more lost still without her.

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