Thursday, September 18, 2008

Adventures in Milk Donation

So I've decided to become a human milk donor... I haven't yet been approved because it requires extensive medical testing - my DNA swab was sent off yesterday and my blood sample today. So keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out there.

The milk collected goes to premature infants in the NICU - babies whose key to survival is being able to gain enough weight. Previously, the milk supplement was always cows' milk. Now, these babies can get even more of what they need. The company I'm working with is run by two sisters. You can see all the amazing stuff they do at
Milkin' Mamas

In my pre-mommy life, I donated blood and platelets frequently and was able to be more philanthropic. I think it will feel really good to be able to do something for other folks again - folks other than my immediate family.

The phlebotomist was a strange bird. She kept commenting on the political signs in the front yards in our neighborhood. (They sent a traveling phlebotomist to my house.) And she kept narrating everything she was doing in a non-specific way. "This goes over here. And then this goes on top of that. Now we'll move this." In any case, she drew my blood successfully.

After she left I got really weirded out - I didn't ask to see any credentials. What if the real phlebotomist shows up later? Was the needle sealed?

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