Friday, October 24, 2008

Sewing, Rainy Days, Missing Chickens

What Halloween costume to choose for your child the one year you are assured a pick? Well, coming to a consensus was no easy feat around our house. However, taking into consideration mama's fragile grip on sanity, materials on hand - hence budget, Ms. Lucy will be a frog. The costume is nearing completion - to be ready for its debut Saturday at a friend's party.

It's raining today which means being inside. While there are so many tasks that need to be accomplished (simply reread the above), I was hoping to savor the last few moments of lovely weather as we did yesterday. Of course, there will be more, in North Carolina there are always more lovely days - sometimes even in January. (Though hardly ever in February.)

We've lost three more chickens. The rooster and two hens. Some predator grabbed them the night before last. And now there are three. You know it's bound to happen when you have chickens, you just hope it doesn't.


J and J Acres said...

I agree about the chickens. We lost a couple when they were younger, and besides one getting hit by a car, we've been lucky so far.

jenifer said...
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