Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Harvest time is coming to a close. It is one of those chilly, wet fall days that make me ready to hibernate. There are leaves plastered to the sidewalks. And, as I look up at the mountains they are gold, scarlet, evergreen.

I'm scrambling to make some preparations - certainly not all I had planned in this year of sleep deprivation, so much to do and never enough time. I am hopeful that I will find my stride soon.

Lucy is eating her vegetables:
Asparagus here. Despite my efforts to introduce her to many different foods, she still loves rice cereal best. I'm trying to take all the advice to shove new foods in her mouth with a grain of salt. Letting her explore the new tastes and textures is more important. Although I wish she'd truly enjoy all the fruits and veggies she's been offered. If you are looking for a good resource
for making your own baby food - it's easier and cheaper than you might think - along with many other tips and tricks, I love The Super Baby Food Book.

She does seem to love her carrots, especially as playdough.

These are the seeds from the giant butternut squash we harvested from our garden - ready to give us more beautiful squash next year.

Here are Lucy's two first pumpkins.

This time of fall makes me so grateful for the bounty of the land and the blessings and beauty of nature.

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