Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day Ideas

I understand the adrenaline rush of buying something you want or even need. (I get excited about buying nice cheese or fresh vegetables at the grocery store.) However, I am SO sick of celebrating Earth Day with sales, coupons, giveaways (although some giveaways/re-homings are good - but do take into consideration the shipping --> emissions, etc).

How 'bout taking a walk, planting some flowers, signing up for a CSA (community supported agriculture share).

goodmama is a blog I happened to stumble upon which had some great, usable tips:
dryer balls (save money, energy and if you already have the wool yarn lying around... you aren't buying anything
cloth diaper economics (just for those who question why i cloth diaper... $ and the planet - it adds up)

Finally, this sums it up fairly nicely for me.

Have a wonderful Earth Day (happy Mother's day, earth thanks for everything you do.)

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