Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year

I guess my resolutions started early. I've been making sure that my daughter is the priority of my life and attempting not to "just get one more thing done." So, some other things have fallen by the wayside. Namely, this here blog and updating it regularly.

There were a few things to share here, but some would have involved divulging Christmas secrets so I thought they could wait.

Here is Squid Delicious:

A knitted and felted squid made from a pattern courtesy of Berroco.

Here is one of the Christmas ornaments that family received as gifts - a handmade Christmas - it was a robin's nest with eggs to represent each of the members of our little group. I knitted it using a modified egg pattern (to shrink them down) and a bowl pattern (also shrunk) and then felted - again with Berroco yarn.

Here is Lucy's Larry the Canary:

And Mr. Cardinal:
And the largest in a series of cubes:

Simple, but she loves them.

We had a wonderful first Christmas with our dear Lucy, modest though it was. Our families were extremely generous and Lucy got lots of books! I can't wait to share some of her new reads and music with you. I've been enjoying reading to her more than ever and we're working on French and Spanish.


Hot Belly Mama said...

I love those!!! Absolutely wonderful and she will probably show them to her own children someday...

Hot Belly Mama said...

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Love... Hot Belly Mama